RegentPrize 2018

Tasting dates:

14.05. bis 17.05.2018             

Reg deadline


08.08. bis 15.08.2018 

Reg. deadline  


13.11. bis 14.11.2018 

Reg. deadline 


You can register your wines until the previously mentioned dates, see also Participation RegentForum.


EU-wide recognized quality award

The RegentPrize is awarded annually within the international quality competition RegentForum. Eligible for the competition are exclusively wines for the grape variety “Regent”. Only those wine which meet the high quality criteria, receive an EU-wide recognized quality award in gold, silver or bronze.

Test criteria:

The panel of judges consists of experienced wine experts which are familiar with the features of the grape variety “Regent”. Every wine is tested my several experts.

Every wine in the competition is tested blind, meaning that the producer is unknown by judges.

The assessment of the wines is made according to the DLG 5 point scheme. The maximum score of 5,0 points will only receive wines which are flawless in every quality criteria.

Award-winning wines have achieved the following average rating to get a “RegentPrize”:

  • Bronze RegentPrize = at least 3,5 points
  • Silver RegentPrize = at least 4,0 points
  • Gold RegentPrize = at least 5,0 points


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